Our History

The charity came about after Mark Houghton met Dr Gayle Hann from the North Middlesex Hospital in July 2018. Whilst talking to her, she explained that she had taken it upon herself to make up these bags for children and expectant young mothers who have to go into emergency care at the Paediatric Department.

The bags included essential toiletries, new pyjamas and toys for comfort. Every year, she and her staff were spending hundreds of pounds of their own money making up these packs so that every child facing this incredibly emotional ordeal would get something. We then decided we would like to assist, and as a small group of friends and colleagues we raised money and donated items to make up packs for the hospital.

As parents ourselves, we can only imagine the stark reality facing lots of families in this position.  We were all struck by this incredible act of selflessness. We knew that we wanted to get as much help as possible, so that doctors and nurses across the UK don’t have to worry about not being able to provide for a child in desperate need of a little love and warmth.

So, now we have set up the charity enabling us to allow us to reach out to other kind-hearted souls. The charity has now reached out to other hospitals across the UK and are now actively raising monies and collecting items for the following Hospitals:· North Middlesex Hospital· Birmingham Children’s Hospital· Manchester Royal Infirmary

We will be supporting other hospitals over time, as the charity grows, but want to ensure all the money goes to those in need and not into running the charity itself.