As a charity we aim to provide dignity, comfort and a sense of being valued, by providing a backpack filled with essentials and comforts for children and young people entering emergency foster care via A&E and to expectant mothers arriving at hospital with no belongings.


Kits for children & young people entering emergency foster care via A&E

Everyday more than 100 children enter emergency foster care in the UK, that’s almost 40,000 children a year. Many children and young people enter the system via A&E due to a crisis within their family such as abuse or an unexpected death, some even due to trafficking.

These children and young people are often entering scared and confused. They may have not even had time to get their head around the situation or may be too young to do so2.

Back in 2018, we saw an opportunity to improve their comfort by providing them with a ‘Kit’ – a backpack full of essentials they might need to spend a night away from home along with some comforts.


Kits for Expectant Mothers arriving at hospital with no belongings

We saw an opportunity whilst providing kits to improve a child’s comfort, to do the same for expectant mothers and their babies who would be entering the world at a time of great uncertainty.


Our Process


We raise money through fundraising and corporate crowdfunding, to fund the creation of our Kits.


We receive requests from hospitals we work with for Kits.

Thanks to the help of our volunteers we put together these kits spending the money we raised.


We then distribute these kits to the hospitals we work with.

The hospitals then go on to distribute the kits to the children, young people and expectant mothers who need them the most.


“An 8 year old boy has been staying on our ward whilst we find him a foster care placement. The backpack contained a superhero cape and he hasn’t taken it off since he got it”.

— Staff nurse on Rainbow Children’s Ward at North Middlesex University Hospital.

2. Information obtained from The National Fostering Group.

Photo of white sheep baby mobile by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.